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Welcome to dakghorbd.com , the most sophisticated online service sending to send gifts to Bangladesh from across the globe.With our offices in Canada, United States, Europe, Middle East & Australia, we make sure that your gifts are always delivered on the dot. We are also one of the major in players to send Corporate Gifts within Bangladesh

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  • Incredible Customer Service
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  • Fastest Delivery service
  • Secured and robust online portal

dakghorbd.com is the best website for sending gifts to your loved ones living in Bangladesh. Sending gift from any part of the world to Bangladesh was not easy. With our offices in Canada, United States, Europe, Middle East & Australia, we make sure that your gifts are always delivered on the dot. We are successful today because, we earned your trust.

People like us as their number one choice for sending gifts to Bangladesh. We are also one of the major players to send Corporate Gifts within Bangladesh. Our customer care team is always ready to response any questions you may have.

The Team

We’re so glad you’re here and want to meet us!

We’re dakghorbd.com and this is our behind the scenes introduction to our team who operate most successful gift websites. Our corporate office is based in Toronto, Canada and delivering gift in Bangladesh and we love our jobs because we get to help you find the perfect gifts for the people you care about in Bangladesh, and bring smiles to their faces. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Sayeed Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer:
As dakghorbd.com’s Chief Operating Officer, Sayeed is not scared of a challenge. Sayeed knows what it takes to successfully manage a team and provide amazing customer service. He’s embracing his career change into e-commerce with full enthusiasm to expand and grow dakghorbd.com.He might be the COO; but his hands on approach to business and willingness to grow and nurture the people around him has helped. Sayeed build a talented team who are passionate about creating an amazing gift experience for customers year round.
Tahsin Syed, Director, Brand Marketing:
Tahsin is our Brand Marketing Director works collaboratively with the team to ensure the effective and efficient execution of functions. Tahsin formulates and develops deliverable that support brand marketing programs/campaigns as well as the business’s overall objectives.He also monitors and enforces brand usage guidelines and applies project management practices in overseeing the execution of brand marketing programs within the department.
Syed Abu Zakaria, Director Customer Services, Bangladesh Territory:
When it comes to ensuring our customers receive the best possible service, Zakaria is a superstar. As our customer experience expert; no problem is too tough for Zakaria to tackle. With a wide range of experience in customer services and sales, Zakaria is an expert at matching customer’s needs with the right solution. Lucky for us, Zakaria’s biggest passions are people and presents so he fits in perfectly with us.
Sumon Zafar, Business Development Manager, North America:
Sumon works to improve dakghorbd organization’s market position and help to achieve business growth. He builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities for us and maintains extensive knowledge of current market conditions. He closely works with the internal team, marketing staff, and other management to increase sales opportunities. He is being awarded responsibility to oversees North America market.
Kamrul Ahmed, Business Development Manager, Middle East:
Kamrul’s priority is to assist dakdhorbd.com acquire new customers and sell additional products and services to middle east region. His role is a crucial for our business with the ambition to expand or the necessity to diversify its clientele. Kamrul understands our business at every level and now oversees our business interest of Middle East region.